About SRNU

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The predecessor of Shangrao Normal University was Shangrao Teachers College, which was founded in 1958, renamed Gandongbei (Northeast Jiangxi) University in 1959, closed during the Cultural Revolution and reopened in 1977. In March 2000, approved by the State Ministry of Education and the government of Jiangxi Province, Shangrao Normal University was officially founded. In November 2005, it passed the quality appraisal of the undergraduate teaching lead by the Ministry of Education. In November 2017, it accepted the review and evaluation of the undergraduate teaching by the Ministry of Education.

At present, the campus covers an area of 1,594 acres, with a total construction area of 478,800 square meters, equivalent to 16,396 students. There are 1,251 faculty members, including 81 professors (senior), 249 associate professors (associate senior), and 269 doctors. Among them, there are 2 experts with special government allowances from the State Council, 1 candidate for the “Ganpo Talents 555 Project” Leading Talent Training Plan, 2 experts with special allowances from the Provincial Government, 2 Renowned Teachers, 4 Young and Middle-aged Academic Leaders and 27 Young and Middle-aged Backbone Teachers of Universitys and universities in Jiangxi Province, 16 candidates for Jiangxi New Century Baiqianwan Talents Project, 3 candidates for Jiangxi Double Thousand Plan, 1 Young Jinggang Scholar of Jiangxi Universitys and Universities, 1 Jinggang-scholar Distinguished Professor, 2 Jiangxi Cultural Masters & Four Batches Talents, 1 candidate for Jiangxi Training Program for Outstanding Young Talents in Scientific and Technological Innovation, 1 Jiangxi Academic and Technical Leader of Major Disciplines, together with 3 part-time doctoral supervisors and 59 part-time master supervisors.

So far, Shangrao Normal University has been approved with 2 national characteristic majors (Chemistry, Mathematics and Applied Mathematics), 54 provincial undergraduate Teaching (Quality Engineering) Projects, and Preschool Education as one of the pilot majors in the Ministry of Education’s comprehensive reform. It has also been granted as a provincial-level first-class undergraduate major construction site in Physical Education, Physics, and Chemistry. The University is composed of 15 secondary Universitys, 30-plus scientific research institutions (such as Research Institute of Zhuzi Doctrine, Research Center of Fang Zhimin Spirit and Northeast Jiangxi Economic and Social Development, Calligraphy Education Research Institute, and Southern Camellia Science Research Institute), 9 academic studios and several teaching auxiliary institutions (Information and Educational Technology Center, Libraries, Editorial Department of School Journals included). Besides, there is 1 provincial first-class discipline, 5 provincial key disciplines, and 12 provincial scientific research platforms, among which there are 2 provincial Key Laboratories, 2 provincial Engineering (Technology) Research Centers, 7 provincial Research Bases (Centers) of Philosophy, Social Sciences, Culture and Arts, 1 Jiangxi Branch of the Republic of China History Research Center jointly established with Nanjing . In addition, it has participated in the joint construction of 3 provincial Engineering (Technology) Research Centers and 3 provincial  Experimental Teaching Demonstration Centers with other units.

With a digital network, professional laboratories, language rooms, multimedia classrooms, gymnasiums, and standard plastic track fields on campus, Shangrao Normal University is well equipped with advanced teaching and research facilities. As of December 2021, it has a collection of 1.64 million paper books and 1.82 million electronic books in the library, and teaching and research instruments with a total value of 192 million yuan. In the past five years, teachers have undertaken 531 scientific research projects at the provincial (ministerial) level, published 80 monographs, issued 2042 academic papers in journals of or above the provincial level, and have obtained 245 patents. And 34 scientific research achievements have been awarded prizes at the provincial (ministerial) level or above as well.

Through actively expanding international cooperation programs, Shangrao Normal University has by far carried out a multi-level, multi-channel and diversified cooperative education with 10-plus universities and Universitys in the United States, the United Kingdom, France, Canada, Thailand, Malaysia, South Korea and others.

Profound in cultural heritage, Shangrao Normal University practices the school-running philosophy of "politics to guide, quality to heighten, features to stabilize, integrity to sustain", thus forming a distinctive characteristic in teacher-training, regional and multidisciplinary school-running. It has determined the mid-term goal of achieving successful master degree program application, the medium and long-term goal of establishing provincial first-class higher normal education and Shangrao Normal , embarking on a new journey of high-quality and leap-forward development.